Local View - Global Vision

WorldWide Alliance (WWA) was launched in August 2007 with Shipco Transport being one of its founding members. It is an association of the world’s leading neutral NVOCC's and currently consists of 22 member companies, spans 80 countries and has 169 offices worldwide. WWA currently offers in excess of 2,400 direct LCL export services. WWA provides players in the global logistics market with a network of NVOCC carriers with true global coverage and synergy - in terms of service and IT solutions - that reflects their business model.

  • Global Cohesive Solutions

    WorldWide Alliance offers global ocean services as its key product however it also offers a variety of Value-Added Services including: warehousing, pick up and deliveries, and innovative IT solutions.

  • The Strongest Partners

    Each WWA member is the strongest player in its own market. While each member maintains its own brand identity and modus operandi, it strengthens itself by association with the Alliance.